How to Cool Down Transmission Fast?

The transmission job is to transmit engine power to the wheels in order to move the car forward. The overheating of automobile engines is a common problem people face. Overheating, however, is not just a problem for engines. In fact, a hot transmission can completely destroy and damage your vehicle. In addition to temporarily impairing your car’s ability to move, overheating the gearbox can also completely destroy it, helping to cool down the transmission fast.

Your gearbox may overheat while in motion, leaving you wondering how to cool down the transmission quickly. Understanding the fundamentals of cooling down a heated gearbox is a crucial skill that will safeguard your car and, in the end, help you save money.

Why Transmission Overheats and Why You Need to Cool Down Transmission Fast

Sometimes people might not know why their transmission starts to overheat suddenly. And for safety reasons, it’s important that people are aware of the possibility of transmission overheating. Here we have mentioned a few reasons that will guide you in understanding the reasons for heating:

  • Low transmission fluid: The function of transmission fluid is to lubricate the transmission bearings and other metal parts. If the lubrication is not done correctly, then it causes the changes of malfunctioning of the metal parts they rub together and cause heat. It is important to treat it immediately, if not treated, the heat can damage the parts as well.
  • Transmission Slippage: The problem of transmission slippage occurs when the system responds slowly. Due to this, sometimes the transmission fails to respond at all. If you don’t fix the problem, it causes high transmission temperature.

Other than this, you must also pay attention to these signs of slippage:

  • Failure in reverse
  • Hard to shift gears
  • Unknown sounds and smells
  • Check the error message in the engine light
  • Towing over the weight capacity: If you tow something that is more than the maximum weight capacity of the vehicle, the transmission tends to overheat. Drivers must be aware of the maximum tow limit of their vehicles to make sure they don’t face any such thing.
  • Defect in the solenoid: The car starts with the help of a solenoid that used electricity to ignite the engine. The solenoid also regulates the transmission fluid.

If there are any damages in the solenoid, it causes dysfunction in the transfer of fluids that might be the reason for the heating of the transmission.

  • Hot weather: Due to hot weather, hot transmission fluid can reach 600°F it’s the boiling point, excessive heat may damage it and cause overheating transmission.

How Can You Prevent Transmission from Heating

Prevent Transmission from Heating

Approximately 90% of premature transmission damage is due to heat, not manufacture errors or defective parts. The safety of your vehicle is in your hands make sure to keep a check on your vehicle. Here we have listed some methods that can help cool down transmission fast.

  • Regularly check transmission fluid: You should regularly keep a check on the transmission fluid level or if it’s burnt or dirty. You may also use a dipstick to check the transmission level and keep a check on your driveway if you find any leakage.
  • Change the fluid when scheduled: The transmission fluid should change every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. You can either change it yourself or ask a mechanic to flush it out. In case you’re driving in really hot weather or traffic roads regularly, then change the fluid every 15,000 to 20,000 miles.
  • Add an external cooling system: The radiator in your vehicle is responsible to cool down the transmission temperature, so it’s important that you change it atleast every 2 years. If you tend to tow heavy loads, then consider adding an external transmission coolant to your vehicle.
  • Add a deep pan: If you want to lower transmission temp, installing a deep pan would be worthwhile. A deep pan makes it possible to add more fluid to your car, which helps disperse the heat and speeds up the removal of the heat from the transmission. Pans constructed of aluminum disperse heat more effectively than those of steel.

Tips And Tricks to Cool Down the Transmission

cooling down transmission

  • Use an Additive

Utilizing a transmission fluid additive on a daily basis is one of the easiest ways to keep your transmission cool and increase its lifespan. When your transmission is under stress from stop-and-go traffic, traveling on hilly terrain, or towing extra weight. Transmission fluid additives contain unique coolants that function to lower the temperature of your transmission. You can buy additives for transmission fluid at most auto supply shops. For optimum efficiency, have a certified mechanic with experience in transmission repair and maintenance inspect your car’s cooling system twice a year.

  • Go Neutral

Put the transmission in neutral and let the car idle if you are in a situation where you will be still for a short while. When stopped at stop signs, in heavy traffic, or near railroad tracks. Letting the car idle in neutral lowers the pressure on the gearbox and allows it to cool. Allowing the car to idle in neutral when not in immediate usage extends the life of your gearbox. While also reducing the quantity of petrol the engine uses, which will ultimately save you money.

  • External Coolers

Due to the added strain that extra weight places on the vehicle, especially while navigating mountainous terrain, transmissions used to move other automobiles, auto parts, wood, or tools are frequently vulnerable to overheating. Your transmission may be kept cold and at a consistent temperature by installing an external cooler. Which helps to avoid damage. Another frequent source of damage to the gearbox is friction, which is reduced by external coolers. Most auto supply retailers sell external transmission coolers, and they normally don’t need a qualified mechanic to install them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Cool Down Transmission Fast

Can you drive with a hot transmission?

It can be very risky to drive if the transmission fluid is too hot, and it will eventually damage your car engine. You should park the car on the side as soon as possible to cool the transmission. While driving and minimize the risk of some heavy accidents and fix the overheating transmission.

What does it mean if it says transmission hot idle engine?

A warning that the transmission hot idle engine and transmission is about to overheat is displayed on the driver information panel as the transmission hot idle engine. The driver needs to stop the car as quickly as possible once this warning appears and turn off the engine.

How can I cool my transmission faster?

The use of transmission fluid additives on a regular basis is a tried-and-true easy repair. These fluid additives contain coolants that are specifically made to lower the temperature of your gearbox. This is especially important when it is stressed by stop-and-go traffic, driving up hills, or towing heavy loads.

How does a transmission cool down?

The transmission fluid virtually bathes in coolant as it travels through the radiator within the transmission cooler. The fluid returns to the transmission so that it may continue to function after it has cooled.

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