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Car fog lights are an essential component. A typical car fog lamp produces a broad, bar-shaped beam of light with a specific horizontal cutoff, making it dark above and bright below. Both front and rear lights serve the same purpose but in opposite directions. It is an essential part of the driving experience, especially in the dark. Furthermore, driving with faulty lights is illegal. Thus, it is the best practice to change the non-functional fog light. 

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Led used Fog Lights

Led Fog Light

Such lights are efficient in providing a 360-degree view and also use less electricity for overall functioning. These lights also have extended life as compared to other forms of light solutions for your car.

Used fog lights parts

Fog Light Bulbs

This type of lighting is considered good for overall dark conditions as normal lighting might hinder the eyes of the driver coming from upfront. Therefore such type of lights is advised to ensure travel comfort and optimum visibility on the road.

Used fog lights for sale

Rear Fog Lights

Rear car fog lights perform the same functions as the rear brake lights. However, their actual application is required in foggy and mist conditions. These lights are important for the following driver to locate your car and maintain a safe distance.

fog lights replacement

Fog Light Switch

Such switches are important to control the functioning of the lights. Some drivers may use a different type of lighting at a different time, while some apply it simultaneously. These type of switches helps to control the functions of lights.

fog lights lens replacement

Fog Light Brackets

These brackets help to install the lights without any drilling as they have in-built installation set-ups equipped. If you are looking to install lights in a hustle-free manner, these brackets are a must.

fog lights replacement

Fog Light Relay

This relay induces the current through the circuit of the light. Without this relay, the current cannot function properly. Buy quality relay series from SPARE PART ZONE at a reasonable price.

rear fog lights

Fog Light Wiring Kit

Responsible for the overall installation and functioning of lights. Universal wiring kits are recommended as they are adaptive with a series of light types and configurations.

aftermarket fog lights

Fog Light Bezel

It is a type of covering that ensures the safety of your lights on multiple kinds of road surfaces. This covering protects the lights from any unnecessary wear & tear.

Fog Light Replacement- Why Is It Necessary?

There are several situations in which you should consider replacing a fog light to ensure a safe driving experience. It is important to never ignore malfunctioning lights, especially in dark and winter conditions.

Any improper lights should not be ignored as they can be dangerous for you and your fellow passengers. Replacement is the only proper solution for improper lights as fixing them on a temporary basis might delay the problem, but it will persist eventually. If you are facing the following problems, then you should change it. 

Blown Fuse

Blown Fuse

It is necessary to change lights when there is a condition of a blown fuse. A blown fuse doesn't allow the current to run through the whole circuit. It disables the overall functionality of the lights.

fog lights bulb

Old Bulbs

Bulbs are definitely not built to last an eternity. Due to everyday use, the quality of the bulb degrades eventually, and optimum functioning is not possible. Therefore it is wise to change the lights after a certain time.

Used fog lights switch

Diminished Lighting

If the lighting is less in scope and reach. Then surely it is time to get your lights either checked for any dysfunction or to replace them for the proper driving experience.


The Spare part zone is a reliable online store of spare parts. We ensure that our products perform like new ones. The used car fog lights in our stock are tested for quality, performance, and durability. The parts are made of premium quality components to sustain heat as well as extreme weather conditions. We have fog lights of a variety of colors and intensities. All car parts are covered with a one-year warranty. 

SPAREPARTZONE has 24×7 customer support to resolve any queries for its customers. Our pricing is unbeatable in the market. Our quick delivery ensures that we deliver your parts promptly.

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There are several points to consider before buying aftermarket fog lights and their parts.

  • It is better to buy lights that are made with durable components.
  • Ensure to buy modern led lights of suitable design that fit in your socket. are 
  • You should consider your state-specific laws before thinking about any custom light installations.
  • Also, check the power consumption by the fog light for longer car battery life. 
  • It is important to ensure the compatibility of any lights with your wiring configuration to save on any extra expenses.
  • Also, buy your aftermarket light parts from a quality store like SPARE PART ZONE.

What is the Cost of Fog Lights Replacement?

  • The cost of replacing a pair of broken light bulbs in your car fog lights ranges from $10 to $400, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.
  • The cost also varies depending on the state and the quality of labor employed.
  • The price also changes according to the type of bulb and design. 

  • Unauthorized mechanics might charge a lower rate for this work.

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You can take advantage of Spare Part Zone's used fog lights for sale’ to get the lights of your choice at minimal pricing. Apart from this, SPAREPARTZONE offers various introductory offers for its first-time consumers.

No, it is not advised to drive with broken fog lights. It can cause you a traffic ticket and also risk your life in poor visibility conditions.

Yellow color lights are the best as they have the ability to keep your eyes alert by mainly affecting the retina. Therefore yellow lights are commonly used for better reach and attentiveness while driving in extreme conditions.

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