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Driving in the dark or in conditions with poor visibility, such as fog, snow, or rain, requires the use of headlights. When the car front lights are harmed by weather or ordinary wear and tear, they generally need to be changed. They should also be upgraded if you are traveling from one state to another. 

Spare part zone provides used headlights at a low price. You can choose from hundreds of car headlights that are the ideal fit for your automobile or truck from our selection.

Get All Kinds of Refurbished Headlights at Spare Part Zone

Halogen Headlights


To produce a significantly bluer, bluish-tinted light, they utilise a blend of tungsten-halogen filament and halogen gas.

Xenon or HID

Xenon or HID

They are brighter, have a lower operating temperature, and last longer, but they are also more expensive than traditional halogens.

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LEDs require less power to operate than halogens and run cooler and last longer, they are also more expensive compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

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They are powered by an array of small LED elements and mirrors that can control the light beam in complex ways.

used laser headlights


They are powered by three lasers pointed at a set of mirrors to act as part of a headlight system rather than emitting light directly into the environment.

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High beam

They give off a bright glow that goes as far as 350-400 feet in front of your car and can be seen from hundreds of feet away.


Our team constantly updates the stock with the premium headlight for various makes and models. We also have a wide range of custom headlights suitable for off-street performance. 

We at Sparepartzone will assist you in locating the new aftermarket headlights or taillight that your vehicle requires. All products on our shelf are quality passed and ready to ship. With our exceptional doorstep delivery, you will receive your product within no time.


It’s simple to forget how crucial your headlights for cars are on a sunny summer afternoon. Driving at night without working headlights can be dangerous for both you and other drivers. Here are some of the warning indicators to look out for to determine whether you need headlight replacement or not.


Fading headlights

The efficiency of headlight covers might be affected by a buildup or dirt layer. Check to see whether the light quality improves after carefully cleaning the headlight region of your car. After a thorough cleaning, you should start looking for replacement headlight bulbs if the dimness still exists.


Flickering Headlights

The headlight bulb's filament may be broken or too worn if it starts to flicker. It may also mean that there's a problem with the connection between your car's headlight bulbs. Finding a replacement or mending the connection is crucial for safe driving, regardless of the source.


One headlight fails

One burned-out headlight bulb is a very clear indication that the headlights on your car are beyond their prime. If one of your headlight bulbs has burned out, you should start looking for a new set right once.


A high-intensity discharge car used headlight assembly restoration might cost $100 or more. The typical cost might range from $75 to $400 if you replace the full headlight assembly yourself. You’ll need to spend between $250 and $1,000 if you take it to auto parts to buy a headlights repair shop. The cost of headlights replacement will go up if you use xenon bulbs and led strips.



Consult the car's manual

A handbook is included when you buy a car to aid in your understanding of the vehicle. It is advised to read the handbook if you are changing your headlights for the first time so that you will know exactly what kind of headlights to get.



When purchasing a new headlamp, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer's power recommendation. The brightness that is increased heightens visibility, which is advantageous to many. A brighter headlight has a somewhat shorter lifespan. So, choose accordingly.


Headlight Types

You may have noticed that there are many headlight colors when driving. Not only are headlights replaced for operational reasons, but also because they are more appealing. Do you want an LED headlight? The choice entirely depends on you. Choose one that meets your needs accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Standard headlights typically last five years or so. However, some replacement bulbs don't. Considering that the average age of vehicles on the road is roughly 12 years, the majority of vehicles have undergone at least one headlight replacement.

The road is safer for drivers, their passengers, and oncoming drivers when both headlight's car parts maintain constant light output. If only one bulb is changed, the resulting light output may be uneven, providing insufficient illumination that may impair driver visibility.

Replacing a car headlight is very simple. It requires only a couple of hours to replace it. 

Reviews From Customers

I've been extremely impressed with the used headlight replacement unit delivered by the Spare part zone. It's not easy to change a car sidelight, but this one went in without any fuss and is brighter than ever. Thanks to the Spare part zone.

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I was looking for Xenon headlights for my car. I was tight on budget, and my friend suggested buying used headlights. I bought my pair of headlights at a very low price from the Spare part zone. I really recommend them.

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