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Robust and Elegant used car bumpers for sale

Bumpers are in high demand. They just do not safeguard your vehicle against stone, pieces of road debris, and minor collisions but also enhance the look of your car. People customize their cars with strong and stylish bumpers. Also, bumpers are very useful in off-road driving. 

At the Spare part zone, you will find the most stylish, durable, and customized used car bumpers. Our bumpers are of excellent quality and have gone through our multi-level inspection and testing. All car fascia is available at a discounted price. Grab the deals now. 

Fit Your Car With Suitable Used Car Bumpers

Car Bumper

Front Bumpers

A car front bumper is a part that is built into or attached to a car's front and rear ends to lessen damage in the case of a minor collision

Car Bumper

Rear Bumpers

The purpose of rear bumper covers is to improve the functionality of the liftgate or trunk lid. The front car fascia covers are made to match the headlamps' form. Rear bumper coverings are made to suit the contours of the trunk and rear lights.


Bumper Reinforcements

The metal beam of the bumper is attached to a strong bar that serves as the reinforcement. It decreases the force of a collision by providing your car's front and rear with more support.


Bumper Brackets and Hardware

In essence, a bumper bracket is a metal attachment that joins the car fascia to the car's frame. Originally intended to hold the car fascia in place, it had exposed metal support.



Cracked bumper replacement, not mended. Fragmented bumpers are expensive to fix and lose structural integrity. Unless you have a rare, hard-to-repair bumper, you should replace your car fascia.

Major paint damage

If there is major paint damage on your bumper, it is better to replace it as there would be too much work involved if you go for repair.

Damaged or broken hooks

Replacing the hook is not an option you will have to get it replaced only. Once those hooks are damaged, it’s important that you replace the bumper before you start facing any more difficulties.


You won’t have to break the bank to restore your car since our products are inexpensive. You will have no problem finding the right vehicle components you need, as the Spare part zone’s team will assist you at every stage. For a wide variety of car types and models, Spare part zone offers a vast assortment of used car bumpers. We deliver the product within 48 hours. 

Used car bumper assembly


If you’re planning to buy aftermarket car bumper, here are the things you really need to consider before finally choosing the best for you:

Material: The most often used material is steel, which is both strong and light. If you can’t locate steel, choose aluminum alloy. They are viable alternatives and are more economical.

Warranty: Make sure the auto bumpers come with a warranty before making the purchase. Typically, it would be advisable to purchase from establishments that have been in business the longest. 

Design: Off-roading culture places a high value on vehicle customization and aesthetic improvement. Therefore, before buying a bumper, ensure it is as per your design requirements.


Car bumpers act as safety cushions and prevent your car from minor accidents. If your car bumper is damaged severely, then it is the best practice to replace it. Repairing is a temporary solution. 

In most cases, the price of a new car fascia replacement ranges from $300 to $1,000, and the replacement process may take several hours to complete. The price also varies according to the bumper type and material you are seeking. The price can also rise if you choose car bumpers for off-street vehicles. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your paint is scraping, there is a dent in the bumper, or the bumper has broken apart, you will need to replace your car bumper. 

You should replace your bumper rather than fix it if it has several scratches or paint chips. If your bumper is heavily damaged, then replacement is the only option.

The average bumper painting job will only take a few hours. Therefore, labor expenses will be in the $90 to $200 range. Depending on the material or color, supplies will cost between a few hundred dollars.

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I was looking for rear and front bumper parts for my Ford truck which has great accessory mounting capabilities. For my off-road driving, I found sturdy and quality car fascia parts at the Spare part zone online store. The price was also very low. I truly recommend them.


I am very cautious about my car, and I wanted all-around car bumpers to add a safety layer to it. I was hoping to buy a custom car side car fascia, and my search got over at the Spare part zone. The quality and price of the car fascia were the best on the market. Thanks to them.


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