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Spare part zone offers top quality wiring harness to enhance your car’s performance. Used wiring harness for sale. 

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Improve your PCU response with used wiring harness

The electrical systems in your car include wiring harnesses and wiring harness connectors. A harness is a collection of engine cables or wires that have been protected by straps, conduits, cable sleeves, or other fasteners. Because they save space and offer good resistance to shocks and abrasions in the vehicle, wire harness kits have an advantage over unsecured cables. 

They are helpful in supplying power and signals to electrical parts in your car. If your wiring harness is unresponsive, then many of your electrical parts won’t work. You can buy wiring harnesses for your vehicle to increase the signal transmission speed. Used engine wiring harness and connections for any automobile model and make are available at SPARE PART ZONE.

Wide range of used wiring harness for sale


Stereo Wiring Harness

They are also known as a speaker body wiring harness, and it is the main cable that works behind your speakers.


Performance Wiring Harness

The performance wiring harness is linked to the vehicle's engine, sensors, and other accessories through wiring harnesses.

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Performance Wiring Harness

The most adaptable dog harness available right now is the Headlight Harness. Lightweight, water-resistant, and highly reflective.

used engine wiring harness

Trailer Brake Control Harness

A brake controller may be easily installed into a factory under-dash connector using a standard brake control engine wiring.

Used wire harness kit

Electrical Wire Connector Kit

Two or more wires can be connected together using wire connectors. There are many different kinds of wire connections, but twist-ones are the most popular.

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Auto Trans Wire Harness

The engine is where the body wiring harness begins, and it links to the fuse box. Here, the wires split off into different parts before returning to the engine.

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Radio Replacement Interface

You may swap out your factory radio for a new one while keeping all of the factory functionality, thanks to car radio replacement radio interfaces.

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Electrical Pigtail

An electrical pigtail is a method that may be done by homeowners themselves to stretch short wires or combine several wires into one conductor that can connect to electrical equipment like a switch or outlet.

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Engine Wiring Harness

An electrical pigtail is a method that may be done by homeowners themselves to stretch short wires or combine several wires into one conductor that can connect to electrical equipment like a switch or outlet.


Your wires may continue to be brand-new with a little assistance from SparePartZone. Our experts are always here to guide you for the best and provide you with the best components required for your vehicle. You can order a wiring harness for a car online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

At Spare Part Zone, we provide used wiring harnesses of multiple current capacities. Whatever response time you seek, they can be calibrated with your requirement.  We do not compromise with quality, and all our used parts are of high standards.

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Why Is Wiring Harness Replacement Necessary?

The failure of a wire harness might result in a short or open circuit, giving professionals a great headache or, worse, a complete disaster. It’s crucial to comprehend what causes faulty wiring harnesses. 

The wiring harness supplies power to various parts. They are essential as they help in activating the various sensory elements of the car. If it is not responding well, you and your car are at risk. Replacing the wiring harness enhances the strength of the supply and helps in quicker response. 

Here are 4 reasons you might need engine wiring harness replacement:


Poor Designing:

Wiring harnesses are not one size fir, they are cut by a machine according to each vehicle. If the machine does not cut the wire appropriately, then it causes a wiring layout issue which will not let the used engine wiring harness function properly. Errors can be made by the user if the machine isn’t maintained or adjusted. Examples of this machine failure are improper measurement, faulty connections of the wiring harness, or inappropriate wiring arrangement.


Incompatible wire harness components:

If the wiring size is not correct for amp and watt, the harness tends to overheat. Unfortunately, the latest advances in vehicles, such as the use of halogen instead of incandescent lights, can cause problems with compatibility, which technicians may miss out on.


Low quality of material

In place of OEM-grade copper for wiring and terminals, copper alloy is a less expensive option. Under repeated stress, this kind of material is prone to overheating and breaking. The protective overmolding and jacketing must be compatible with environmental elements such as exposure to chemicals, severe temperatures, oil, grease, etc.

Faulty soldering or crimping

The most popular bonding method for connecting wires to terminals is crimping. It might cause short circuits or open circuits inside the product if it is crimped incorrectly. Additionally, they are more prone to overheating and capable of causing them to shake loose are crimped.


The wiring harness consists of a complex design of circuits and demands a lot of skill and time. The wiring harness for various electrical components is different; thus, the replacement cost changes accordingly. The brand and model of the automobile wiring harnesses will determine how much it will cost to replace them. The price of replacing the harness also changes with the amount of labor time. 

The typical expenses for labor and wire harness parts for various types of auto wire harness range anywhere between $500 to $1000, including the labor cost. You can save your money if you know how to replace it on your own. 


It is equally crucial to test everything that has been wired harness plugged into the wire harness assembly in order to guarantee its functionality and safety. Before installation, testing such harnesses can help find and correct any flaws and mistakes. If you need an aftermarket wiring harness, here are the necessary checks.


Defective wires:

Broken wires can disrupt the power supply damaging all the work eventually happening. Hence it is important that you check all the wires thoroughly before starting the harness.



Accurate labeling makes the process easier it mentions the length of the wire, the material of the harness, and other mandatory details. Make sure you check this information, as it would make it easier and more accurate for the mechanic to proceed further.


Wire Insulation

Any collision marks that don't have any more damage may request repairs. However, any more severe damage is unacceptable. To make sure that the insulation is intact on all of the wires, the insulation must be thoroughly inspected.

Wire gauge accuracy:

The proper gauge of a wire harness is essential. The gauge can be changed even little by these measures, which would make the product unusable. Making an audio/video headset or another piece of equipment requires a lot of precision and accuracy.

Continuity of power supply:

A continuous power supply is necessary, and this can only be accomplished by employing high-quality materials and accepted production practices. Ensure that the aftermarket wiring harness supplies power at a constant rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The standard main wire for automobiles is 18 gauge; while this is suitable for signal wires, it is not suitable for high-current applications.

No, the wiring harness is not the same in all cars. It varies according to power, voltage, and electrical parts. Finding the proper harness for your automobile may need some trial and error, as every vehicle has a unique wiring layout.

If you have a malfunctioning wiring harness, then the power supply in your car will be interrupted. You will surely need to replace it. Moreover, if you have a tight budget, then the best option is to buy an aftermarket wiring harness.


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I have been buying from the Spare part zone for more than three years; they always pick up the phone promptly and have the components we want. The team of Spare part zone goes above and beyond to ensure that parts are in good condition and follows up with customers to ensure a smooth transaction. If you want genuine and tested used parts, I would suggest getting them from the Spare part zone.

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The Spare part zone is surely the best -used car parts supplier. They honestly try their best to satisfy the customers. They always provide professional advice on how to upgrade your automobile and which components would work best for you based on your needs. Recently, I bought used wiring harnesses from them. The team assists me in choosing the right wiring with the correct voltage capacity. Also, the pricing and delivery were extremely good. Without a doubt, Spare part zone has provided me with the finest experience.

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