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Transmission is a key component of your car. It helps in acceleration and retardation. With the advancement in the automobile industry, there is a huge demand for automatic and CVT transmissions with multiple shifts. If your car transmission is not performing well, then it’s time to upgrade. 

We are the leading used transmission parts distributors in the country. We inspect and perform multiple checks on gearbox units to meet exact standards from the inside and outside. Every used automatic and manual gearbox we sell comes with a warranty for 1 year but is still good for up to 5 years and unlimited miles.

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Automatic Transmission

A vehicle having an automatic transmission—one that doesn't require the driver to manually change gears is referred to as an automatic car.

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Manual Transmission

A manual transmission is a gearbox that gives the driver the option to select from a variety of gear ratios when operating the vehicle.

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CVT Transmission

A continuously variable gearbox, or CVT, smoothly shifts between an infinite variety of useful gear ratios as you drive.

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This relatively thin little piece of rubber is vital to the performance and health of your gear box.



Avoids transmission overheating and keep your transmission fluid cold through quality cooler and enhance your car's performance.



Meant to stop additional dirt and debris, as well as metal shavings from the gears, from polluting the transmission fluid.



The majority of vehicles include a variety of powertrain attachments, including the gear box mount.


If you are looking for transmission parts for any of your restoration or upgradation, the Spare part zone is your go-to platform. With the greatest customer service in the business provided by our rock-solid team, you will find the right part with the right specs. Utilizing the search function on our website, you can explore every item in our collection. The spare part zone is the place for high-quality used transmission parts for gasoline and diesel vehicles.

We deliver within 48 hours across the USA. All parts we offer are of excellent quality and meet the certified standards. The Spare part zone offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Moreover, we provide a one-year warranty on each car part. 


The car transmission is one of the most important parts. It is unsafe to drive with a malfunctioning transmission. Here are a few reasons which can make you replace your transmission. 


Transmission Mileage

Between 60,000 and 100,000 miles is the typical failure point for automatic gearboxes. Even earlier failures in manual transmissions are possible.


Repair History

It doesn't make much sense to keep pouring money into gear box car parts that will simply be back in the shop a few months later if it has a persistent problem. It’s better that you replace it with used transmissions with a warranty.


Upgrade and Customization

If you want to customize your car with high RPM transmissions, then you should change it. Also, if your torque converter is not performing well in synchronization with your transmission, it’s time to replace it.


For the majority of domestic car brands and models sold in the US in 2022, transmission replacement cost is between $1500 and $5000 on average. The labor alone for significant repairs might easily cost from $1000 to $2000. If you’re waiting on used auto parts to arrive, repair might take a month. The cost of replacing your transmission can go high in modern cars. 

Your search for “Transmission for sale near me ” ends at the Spare part zone, the best gearbox parts supplier in your area, as we provide all used auto parts at affordable prices.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, used transmissions are excellent if you buy from a trustworthy platform. Ensure that the online store delivering the parts performs checks and testing. At the Spare part zone, you will surely get a gearbox that will perform above and beyond your expectations

When opposed to an automatic gearbox, a continuously variable transmission (CVT) offers a seamless transition between speeds, which results in a considerably smoother driving experience and improved fuel efficiency. The disadvantage of a CVT is that conventional transmissions are often more dependable and have a longer lifespan.

Yes, you can replace your manual transmission with AMT. However, it requires a lot of skill and knowledge about the parts. It can take 3 to 7 days to replace your manual transmission with AMT.


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I was looking for AMT for my AUDI, and I found it at the Spare part zone online store. They deliver the product within 36 hours. The team was very supportive and helped me to find the right product. I recommend them for any spare parts. Thank you!

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I will gladly recommend the Spare part zone for any used auto parts needed. The quality of the parts is outstanding, and the delivery is also very quick. I buy from them every time, and they have always provided me with the best parts. Kudos to them!

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