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Has Ford Fixed The 10-Speed Transmission Problems?

The Ford 10-speed transmission came in the year 2017 and became a standard fit by 2019, with the Ford F150 truck in 2021. However, ever since the transmission is in the market, there have been constant problems with it, as reported by the majority of the customers. Buyers have been waiting for a ford 10 speed transmission fix, but to date, there is no perfect fix for the problem.

The transmission displays evident scenarios in which the gear is stuck automatically and shifts to parking on its own. Similarly, there are many problems with the transmission such as sound issues, irregular gear shifting, hard shifts, automatic acceleration, and much more.

Ford 10 Speed Automatic Transmission Review

The company is in a constant struggle to address the problems with its 10-speed transmission. There have been complaints to the concerned authority by the customers, but no significant action has been under action by the company for the ford 10 speed transmission fix. Most service centers claim they have not witnessed the problems during the service.

Ford 10 speed transmission reliability

However, it was reported in 2018 that a ford serviceman encountered the issue of a malfunctioning transmission but was not aware of the reason or the solution.

Ever since, there have been temporary solutions for the problems, but Ford has set up no detection to date. The transmission is behind in terms of reliability and performance when compared to the chevy 8-speed transmission.

However, on paper, the transmission promises a powerful and fuel-efficient performance, but the majority of the transmissions have been faulty, as noted by the customers. Ford F150 standard transmission has major problems when it comes to gear shifting and power.

The interesting thing is that only similar kinds of issues have been in experience by the customers. The transmission has also had an impact on the sales of the Ford F150. The company is still firm on keeping this transmission as the standard fit for the truck. The ford transmission fix is yet to become a reality.

What Is Ford Doing Regarding The Problems In Its 10-Speed Type Transmission For F150 Truck?

In 2018, Ford issued a technical service bulletin for its dealers to reprogram the transmission ECU due to harsh shifting. After thousands of complaints to the NHTSA, the issues are still there.

However, the company recalled almost 50000 F150 trucks for reprogramming.

Ever since 2018, ford has been giving replacements for faulty parts, but the problem still continues.

Additional steps have been made in the application by the company, such as replacing the clips that hold the shifting cable. Ford has also extended warranties for the transmission as it still continues to detect the root cause of the problem.

Interestingly even after so many problems, the F150 has shown remarkable sales since 2017 till date. It will be interesting to see the next step of the motor giants in order to find solutions for ford transmission fixes if you are looking for transmission replacement. Here is the 10-speed transmission price.


Has Ford fixed the 10-speed transmission problems?

Ford is still under due examination of its 10-speed transmission. The company is yet to find the exact reason for ford 10 speed transmission problems that malfunctions their transmission. However, Ford has taken significant steps to keep the trust alive from its customer’s end.

Is a 10-speed transmission good?

Ford introduced the 10-speed transmission in 2017, and ever since, there have been notable problems with the transmission. However, the company is trying to detect the problem. Apart from this fact, the transmission is a major choice for many customers who trust the brand name, Ford. This can itself explain the ford 10 speed transmission reliability.

How much is a new transmission for a ford f150?

A new transmission for Ford F150 varies from $1500-$3500, depending on various factors. The price depends upon the location, the skill of the mechanic, and the authenticity of the workshop. Ford 10-speed transmission replacement cost varies from $1000-$3000.

Is ford 10 speed transmission fixable?

The company claims that the ford transmission issues that are evident in this transmission are traceable and can be fixed. However, Ford is yet to detect the root cause of the problem.

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