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Why Do Headlights Flicker When Driving – Top 5 Possible Causes?

Headlights are a very important part of any vehicle, but like any other auto part, they are also prone to damage. Headlights also have a life after that. They start to cause problems and are unable to function optimally. Headlights flicker when driving is the most common problem people face. It causes disturbance while driving, and it’s not even safe to drive, especially at night, if your led headlights are not working.

Flickering isn’t usually caused by excessive lighting, though. It may occasionally result from a different underlying issue. Everything you need to know about headlight flickering and the reasons you shouldn’t drive with such lights are covered in this guide.

Reasons Why Headlights Flicker When Driving

If your headlight turns on then goes out regularly, then here are some most common causes:

Dying battery

A dying or dead battery is one of the most common causes for a headlight to start flickering while you drive. Headlights get power from the battery to keep functioning regularly, so if the battery is dead or dying, then obviously, it will cause problems with the headlight as well.

Usually, a car battery’s life is around 3 to 5 years, which depends on the driving conditions. If you see that your headlights first flicker and then go off completely, then there’s definitely an issue with the battery.

Failing alternator

The electrical output of an automobile affects by a failed or worn-out car alternator. As a result, the headlights become inoperable, dim, or flicker. The function of the alternator is to maintain the vehicle’s battery by turning chemical energy into electrical energy. While you’re driving, a car’s alternator charges the battery. A totally dead battery recharges in 30 minutes or so.

The battery in your automobile doesn’t charge correctly when the alternator malfunctions. Because of your headlights and other electrical equipment, the electrical charge quickly depletes. You will also be aware of it via the dashboard warning light on your automobile.

Loose fuse or connections

Your car has a whole electrical system that consists of fuses, wires, and assorted connections. These connections can get loose over time, causing the headlights to flash on and off. This can also happen if you drive a lot of rough terrains where shocks can disconnect or lose the connections.

These loose connections might be tough work for you we suggest you get professional help to figure out and correct the errors.

Old lamps and bulbs

If you haven’t changed your headlights in a long time, it’s time that you change them because headlights are also worn out with time. Headlights on old cars eventually flicker as a result of old bulbs and lamps failing over time.

Faulty Headlamp switch

A broken headlight switch can prevent the electrical and electronic components in your automobile from communicating with one another. You can experience flashing headlights as a result of this. Simply installing a new headlight switch will solve this problem. Additionally, you might examine the electrical and computer systems as well as the battery alternators, relays, fuses, and switches.

How To Fix If Headlights Flicker When Driving

led headlight conversion problems

Basically, you need to verify all of the aforementioned reasons if you want to be able to remedy the issue of automobile headlights flickering. So, we’ll provide you with some advice on how to manage the circumstance. We believe that in order to achieve the greatest results, you should take your automobile to repair facilities to diagnose and fix it properly:

  • After five years of use, it is best practice to Replace Headlights. If you frequently commute at night, be careful while changing the light bulb.
  • You should inspect the belt for any signs of wear if the alternator fails. Different correction techniques apply depending on the errors. When a part is damaged, it often merely needs to replace with a new one. However, it is preferable to replace the alternator with a new one in cases of significant damage.
  • Check the connection once more. Flashing lights may be caused by loose connections.
  • A constant current source that is guaranteed to be unstable enough to cause the headlights to flicker. This implies that if it continues to receive erratic power, you might cause lasting harm. When an LED flickers, it means that it is not receiving enough power.

Frequently Asked Questions on Headlights Flicker When Driving

Can a bad headlight switch cause lights to flicker?

The issue might potentially bring on by a circuit problem. flickering headlights. As an illustration, the problem may be a sign of poor wiring or a poor connection. A defective headlight switch or relay may also be at fault.

Do flickering lights mean a bad alternator?

Flickering dashboard lights indicate a worn-out alternator. Usually, an old alternator needs to change. Get a technician to examine the alternator, who can decide the best course of action.

How do I fix my flickering headlights?

To determine if you can fix flickering headlights, try replacing the bulbs and seeing if it stops the issue. Take off the headlight cover to inspect the bulbs. Check for any potential damage or discoloration after removing the screw. Gently touch the bulbs to see whether they flicker.

How much does it cost to replace an alternator?

Depending on the make and model, the price of an alternator can range from $100 to $350. on average. If no other parts need change, replacing an alternator will typically cost between $350-400 for most automobiles. If the serpentine belt is used, your cost will increase from $20 to $50.

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