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Guarantee a protective seal to the DPF.

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Product name
Diesel Particulate Filter Gasket
Product Category
Aftermarket and Used
$20 - $120
Graphite, Stainless Steel, Composite
Industry Standard
1 Year
Return Policy
30-Day Return Policy

What Does a Diesel Particulate Filter Gasket Do?

Car emissions play a significant role in understanding the health of your car. However, there are many small automotive components that can affect emissions. If you own a Diesel car, there might be chances of particulate emitting from your exhaust. Thus, to prevent it, modern cars are equipped with Diesel Particulate Filter. In the assembly, you will also find the diesel particulate filter gasket.

The diesel particulate filter gasket compresses to form an airtight barrier between the exhaust and particle filter. Therefore, it stops dangerous exhaust fumes from entering the atmosphere.

Spare part zone have high-quality stainless steel, graphite, and composite gaskets. All these gaskets are built to stand up to the high temperatures produced and offer exceptional sealing.

When Should You Replace Diesel Particulate Filter Gasket?

Since the gasket for diesel particulate filter goes through a range of temperature variations. With time, its effectiveness may decrease. There can be worn and tear on the gasket. DPF Gasket failure can lead to exhaust leaks. Due to this, there will be ineffective filtration and a potential check engine light appearing on your dashboard.

It will ultimately affect your car’s emission levels and can cause you legal trouble. Thus, leaks can be avoided with the aid of a diesel particulate filter gasket. It is strongly advised to replace the gasket whenever the DPF is being serviced.

Spare part zone has quality-tested used diesel particulate filter gaskets that satisfy product standards and look like the original. Moreover, you can also buy a diesel particulate filter gasket kit.

What is the Cost of Replacing the Diesel Particulate Filter Gasket?

It is best practice to replace the worn-out DPF gasket. It is an inexpensive repair. The gasket price ranges from $20 to $120. However, the labor charges can vary according to the complexity of the location of the gasket. If you visit an authorized dealer, then you have to pay more money compared to a local body shop.

What to Consider Before Buying Diesel Particulate Filter Gasket?

Since there are many OEM parts available on the market for various brands and models, you have to be sure before purchasing any auto parts. Here is a list that you should consider following points before selecting the right diesel particulate filter gasket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are diesel particulate filter gaskets necessary?

The diesel particulate filter gasket compresses the exhaust and particle filter to form an airtight seal and restrict the release of dangerous exhaust fumes into the atmosphere.

Can I drive with a broken DPF gasket?

No, it is not good to drive with a broken DPF gasket. The leaks might result in an overcompensation of the fuel rate by the air management system of a diesel engine. It will ultimately cause the clogging of the DPF.

Are laminated DPF gasket good?

Laminated gaskets are good, but there are better options available. There is a mechanically bonded steel gasket that eliminates the problem of gaps found in laminated gaskets and is thus more durable.

What compatible car brand DPF gaskets do Spare part zone offer?

Spare part zone is the leading online platform for automobile parts. You can find compatible gaskets for your DPF that can easily fit into a range of modern cars, SUVs, trucks, or any heavy vehicles.

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