Precise Details About Engine Splash Shield Replacement

An engine splash shield is a part of a car that protects the engine from debris, nails, or dust while driving. We also know it as the Skid plate, engine splash cover, or lower engine cover. As per the name, the engine splash shield protects the most sensitive parts besides the engine as it is located below the engine. Engine splash shield replacement should be done when it’s damaged or clogged with dust or unwanted particles.

Many parts of your car, like the oil pan or transmission, benefit from the skid plate. Well, you can drive your vehicle without an engine splash cover, but sand, debris, or other unwanted particles affect other parts of the engine. You will have to change them more often than usual. That’s why experts always suggest using a Skid plate. Let’s have a detailed look at the lower engine cover and its replacement.

Why “Engine Splash Shield Replacement” Is Necessary?

An engine splash shield isn’t a new term in the automotive industry. It has already proven its roles so well so far. But what precisely an engine splash shield does?

  • Facing issues with Dust or Debris – Dust is the biggest evil for the engine’s efficiency and performance while driving on the road. It especially affects transmission. If dust gets into one of the vital parts of the engine, the efficiency will be lost, and water can also come out. As a result, corrosion or rust can also happen to the engine. An engine splash shield protects the engine and its vital parts from these types of particles. If you want to protect your engine from these types of unwanted particles, then you should have your engine splash shield in a good health. And, you should replace your shield if that is clogged or damaged.
  • Make The Impact Risk Lower– when you travel across the road, many unwanted objects come on your way. Upper objects get prevented by the hood, but the lower objects are also meant to be prevented. If the engine splash shield is absent, the lower particles like dust or sand can cause big damage to the engine. And it can even make your engine start leaking oil. An engine splash shield replacement is important for keeping your car engine safe. For making the impact risk lower, you should replace a damaged shield with a new one.
  • Catching Leaking Fluids– Nowadays, engine splash shields are made for soaking fluids also. Sometimes, you have noticed while replacing the shield that it’s too heavy. That is only because of soaking different fluids like engine oil, Power steering fluid, or coolant.

Overall, for these reasons, engine splash shield replacement is important.

engine splash guard replacement

Steps for Replacing Your Engine Splash Shield

When you realize that you should replace your vehicle’s engine splash shield, you can use the proper guidelines and tools. Otherwise, you can go for a professional mechanic. But by following these steps, you can do it by yourself.

  1. Find a flat and safe surface for parking the car.
  2. Give the engine enough time to get cooled after driving.
  3. Use a jack and make your vehicle high enough to replace the engine splash shield.
  4. You have to locate the screws and bolts that are keeping the shield in place.
  5. With the help of screwdrivers, unscrew all the bolts and screws.
  6. Get the old shield out of the engine compartment and put the new one.
  7. Make it fit by screwing the bolts and screws.
  8. Bring your vehicle to the ground level and test your car to make sure it’s properly placed or not.

Now finally, you have completed the engine splash shield replacement process.

Metal Made or Plastic Made, Which One Is Better?

You have both options if you are looking for a brand-new engine splash shield. It can be metal made or plastic made. Eventually, plastic models are more affordable than metal ones. But metal shields are stronger and long-lasting than plastic shields, of course. If you drive your vehicle on a smooth road most of the time, and if it’s worth taking the risk, you can have a plastic one. But if you drive in harsh areas mostly, then go for a metal shield.  Every type has its pros and cons. So do proper research before going for a particular one according to your vehicle type. You can do an old engine splash shield replacement with both.

Source and Cost of a New Engine Splash Shield

First, you can try to repair your old engine splash shield. You can improve it in most cases, but you can’t fix a ripped one. You can get it from local mechanic shops and online websites like Spare Part Zone.

For engine splash shield replacement, you should pay between $50-$500. It varies between the types of shields. If it’s plastic made, it costs less, and if it’s metal made, it costs more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to replace the splash shield?

If you follow a straightforward process, it should take at most 10 minutes.

Can I drive with a hanging splash shield?

Yes, you can drive with a hanging splash shield or a car engine splash shield. But it is improper, and experts don’t recommend this action.

Do you have to remove the engine splash shield to change the oil?

To access the oil pan and filter, you must unscrew all the screws to remove the splash shield altogether.

How much a person has to pay to change a splash shield?

The cost of engine splash shield replacement varies with the type and materials of the shields. But a person generally has to pay between $50-$500 for a new guard.

Can I duct tape my engine splash shield?

First, have a look at the bolts and screws. If they are acceptable to go, the duct tape should be enough. But, if they are not in good condition, you either need a new shield or fix the old one.

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